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The Story So Far...

Skewsprocket, Sep 13, 12 1:11 PM.

Many years ago, during the War in Outland against Illidan, a wise druid, Livius, became aware of a growing darkness in the North and seeking council with two friends, a Priest and a Paladin, Peronius and Mishrack forged in blood and stone an oath to prepare to face this darkness and defend their homelands.

The Blackmist Brigade was born and from far and wide their friends and new loyal heroes joined their cause and prepared for a new War.

As foreseen, the Lich King returned with an army to crush the forces of the living from his citadel in Northrend but in the end the army of dead and Arthus fell, the guild was victorious.

Their mission complete and oath fulfilled, the guild splintered as Deathwing shattered the lands of Azeroth, the members drawn to the many different factions fighting battles on multiple fronts.

But now, one former member has detected a new threat, this time from the South. A darkness unlike anything encountered before so once again the horn has been blown and the banner of the Blackmist Brigade raised in a call to arms.

The Shores of a new land await discovery, will you join the Brigade and help safeguard the future of Azeroth?

If you think you can help the Blackmist Brigade, contact a member or check out our forum.

Searching for Heroes

Ahvie, Apr 13, 12 5:59 AM.

It's about damned time!

Litheen, Nov 25, 11 3:45 PM.
Finally ve vere able to vitness the marriage of these two loveable gnomes.
Vishing Gerby and Spingo much ghappiness and may they ghave many many little baby gnomes!

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